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Last edited: 1/14/2023

A template written for the front

The is an Easyweb Framework written to allow a front end developer to create a complete complex site without having to know any programming languages.

The template provides a set of html tags and attributes that control how and where the content created in Easyweb is displayed. The presentation of dynamic content in a way that is close to many modern javascript frameworks, allowing a HTML-driven feeling of both design and data presentation.

The framework is powered by .NET Core, making it platform independent, but requires no .NET Core-knowledge to develop in.

An example of a "Home"-view looks something like: 

<section class="big">
<div class="content-standard">
        <div class="row justify-between">
            <div class="text-block">
                <p class="label" ew-for="label" ew-if-key="label"></p>
                <h2 ew-for="Header"></h2>
            <div class="row align-items-end">
<a ew-for-href="Link" class="link-arrow">
<span ew-for-label="Link"></span>
        <div class="news-list">
<ew-list for-key="newslist">
<article class="news">
<a ew-for-href="$">
<div class="image">
<ew-list for-key="news-image-slider/image" take="1">
<img ew-for-src="$" />
<div class="text">
                        <p class="color-gray font-header" ew-for="$date"></p>
                        <a ew-for-href="$"><h3 class="size-sm" ew-for="$label"></h3></a>
<div class="ew-html">
<p ew-for="HtmlEditContent" cut-by-last-word="180"></p>
<div class="m-t-2">
<a ew-for-href="$" class="btn-round btn-round-primary">
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