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Last edited: 1/9/2023

Templates / Modules

In Easyweb studio there are some färdiga sidmallar such as startvysidvy, layout and settings.


Globalssidvyer under globals
SidvyEn undersida för generella sidmallar
LayoutvyHär finns header och footer, men även andra sektioner som man vill ska renderas utanför bodyn.
SettingsGenerella inställningar som man vill kunna komma åt överallt.


Create your own pages and build them as you like. For example, you can have one template for a contact page and another for about us


Modules are a grouping of content, often subsections on a page. Common examples are news, products or services.

When you create a module, you get some options:

Article moduleCreates a module with search paths (?)
PuffmodulÄr tänkt för inbäddad innehåll dvs kommer inte skapa en sökväg.
Search path and keyName whatever you want the path to be e.g /articles or /news
Activate landingpage / activate folder/-archive pagesAllows you to navigate to a landing page for your module. And if you active folder-pages it allows you to navigate to a subfolder  e.g /articles/pants

An article module allows you to navigate to /news while a "Puffmodul" will not.

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