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Elements are composed of one or more distinct fields and only accepts a specific kind of data. Developers build views by adding elements inside the studio and each element usually represents a distinct field within the administrator interface.

All elements share these settings:

Settings nameInstructions
LabelChange the label that is visible inside the admin view.
Component typeChange the type of the element to similar one.
Custom keyDefine the key name used in the output.
AmountChoose the amount available inside admin view.
DescriptionWrite a description that is visible inside the admin view.
Choose if element data is included in output.
Default value
Set a default value of the element.
Single name
Set the single name for the element. Affect text such as "Add new {single name}".

Depending on the type of the element, all settings might not be available.

The following documentation list explains all regular elements and instructions on how to configure them.
Elements are divided into element typesGo to each element type to learn more.

Display type (Single line text, Description, Open content, Integer, Decimal & Date)

Reference type (Media, Filter tag, Main image, Image, Link & Article blurb)

Feature type  (Link list, Article list, Selectable option, Page Form, Menu, Slider, Color picker, Newsletter signup form, Media slider & Breadcrumbs)

Section type  (Section, Flex section & Flex option)

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