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Last edited: 3/28/2023

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Easyweb can be used as a headless CMS (using your front end language of choice) or as a "one stop shop" complete hosted solution using our reliably fast and secure Easyweb cloud service and development framework Albatross. This means you can apply user friendly (and editor safe) content editing and GDPR/integrity safe business analytics tools to any digital project you can think of (such as websites, e-commerce, apps, display screens, intranets or other digital products and services) in any way you want, using any technology you want. Fast - and easy.

Our mission is to provide a frictionless tool that is as intuitive for developers as it is for site owners and content editors, saving you precious time in both the building and editorial processes while also providing the site owner with powerful tools for creating engaging content, digital growth, SEO and team collaboration. Let your imagination and creativity run free!

Creative freedom and peace of mind  - Easyweb is always updated, always secure. You can confidently leave a digital project in the hands of your clients trusting that you're not going to get called back for constant security updates or technical support. As a developer you also have a choice to "leave" the technical responsibility to the client or other developers when you are "done". All paid plans provide support and service for devs as well as end users.

For users with no programming knowledge (or if you're in a hurry to launch), we provide a few basic templates to help you quickly set up a custom website by picking and adjusting a theme. This basic structure can also be used as a base to build upon to save time and provide a framework for learning  Easyweb. If you are already familiar with development using headless content management systems, feel free to start using an empty project - and learn by doing. Either way Easyweb will provide a frame for you to structure your dream project and edit content in the most intuitive and easy way possible.

Select chapters in the menu to the left to learn more, or visit our developers forum to ask questions and get support, help and ideas. (Requires a free account).

Stay hungry!  

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