Easyweb vs Contentful

Easyweb and Contentful are both modern headless content management tools (CMSs) used to build custom and fast administration for digital projects such as websites, e-commerce, apps and other digital services. But what are the differences, and when should you consider Easyweb, and when should you consider Contentful? We are of course partly biased, but let's compare both systems anyway - trying to be somewhat objective! 🥂

Difference between Contentful and Easyweb

The core difference between Contentful and Easyweb is probably when and where each system is most beneficial. Both systems would probably work to power most digital projects, but Easyweb is generally targeted towards smaller/mid-sized sites and projects in contrast to Contentful which adds the most value to larger and more complex integrated projects with many differens outputs for the data, and many differens administrators and roles.

Functionality / Key features


Access Controls/Permissions

Activity Dashboard

Activity Tracking


Approval Process Control

Asset Lifecycle Management

Audio File Management


Calendar Management

Campaign Management

Collaboration Tools


Configurable Workflow

Content Library

Content Management

Content Publishing Options

Customizable Branding

Customizable Forms

Customizable Templates

Document Classification

Document Management

Document Storage

Drag & Drop

Electronic Forms

Email Management

Engagement Tracking

File Management


Forms Management

Full Text Search

Image Editing

Metadata Management


Reporting & Statistics

Role-Based Permissions

SEO Management


Single Sign On

Social Media Integration


Template Management

Text Editing

Third Party Integrations

User Management

Version Control

Video Support


Website Management

Workflow Management

Ease of use

For the user who handles the content, Easyweb is usually hands down the easiest option. With a fast, minimalistic and user focused approach in contrast to a more systematic and technical design - Easyweb is built for the content user first and foremost. Contentful has more options which might be advantageous for larger projects or sites, but it comes at the price of making the day to day content work more time consuming and a less intuitive process.

API and documentation

Both systems provide a dynamic API as well as extensive documentation. Contentful being a larger and more complex system overall, does have the upper hand in providing detailed information. In contrast, Easywebs interface is intuitive and easy to understand once you get past the initial learning curve, so documentation is usually not required to get started. Documentation, new features and API-functionality is being added continuously for both platforms.


When it comes to pricing and license for use, Contentful is almost 5 times as expensive for it's basic/standard option for one site or hub. (65 USD/site/month for Easyweb vs 300 USD/site/month for Contentful.) Both systems offer free options for developers and private projects however, so both systems can easily be evaluated and compared before taking the plunge and investment.

Note: Easyweb has no limit on the number of users per site, where as Contentful has a limit of 20 users and 4 roles for it's most basic package. 20 users is usually enough though for most mid sized projects.

Summary, what CMS system is the best for you / your project? 🥊

Ultimately you must decide what CMS is the best fit for your project or site. Ask yourself who is going to handle the content? Is it the site owner, your content administrator or a developer? How large is the site and the budget? What's the technical abilities of the end users, and what are the plans moving forward on how to expand the site, shop or app? Both tools are great, so why not try them both and do your own evaluation which is the best fit for you. ☕️

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