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Easyweb is a flexible and minimalistic user friendly headless CMS + API for hand crafted sites, shops, apps and digital projects. Loved by site owners for its easy content editing and stability. Connects easily to other tools + AI.

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    User friendly and fast - less support, happier users.
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    Create dynamic content views, powered by API-data.
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    No maintenance, no plugins, no problems.
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One hub to rule them all.

We’re on a mission to help creators, developers and site owners to bring back the fun in web development. Let’s bring back the days of magic, adventurous exploration and creative flow.

And as a result, happier clients, better profitability and quality of life.

  • Connect your own front end to our API.
  • Build custom administrative tools for your users.
  • Evolve, collaborate and optimize ongoing.
  • Create awesome designs, add content easily.

Free for personal projects. Built for business.

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