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Meet Easyweb

The No#1 Minimalistic Headless CMS that enables you to build awesome custom websites, shops, digital solutions funnels without plugins, templates and headaches - with total control of your own code.

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Today: 1-time payment of $154

10 Users (editors/admins), 10 GB Secure + Backup*1, 10 Modules, Tech support, API (100,000 calls/month) 


Revolutionize your website creation with Easyweb

Are you in search of a comprehensive solution for your website development needs? Look no further. Easyweb is designed to cater to the diverse needs of website creators, offering a seamless and efficient experience from start to finish.

Unparalleled flexibility: Easyweb offers developers unprecedented freedom to solve problems in their preferred manner, accommodating both seasoned professionals and beginners.

Time-saving: With Easyweb's template project, developers can save significant time and effort, accelerating the development process and enabling the creation of outstanding websites with ease.

Intuitive templating system: Easyweb simplifies website development by eliminating the need for extensive setup of controllers and endpoints, allowing developers to dive straight into the creative process.

Fed up with constant plugin hassles and updates?

With Easyweb, say goodbye to hassle and hello to self-sustaining, modern, and scalable websites. 

Easyweb are perfect for:

Custom websites

Innovative digital services


Transform your workflow with Easyweb,

Effortless and Scalable!


Build interfaces that are 100% costumized for your clients needs. 

.NET start template

Start Template that helps you get started quickly.

Supportive community

Get direct help from our developers on our discord channel.

Content management

Simple and intuitive to update content

Own your code

Gain full control over your own code.

Flexible sections

Work smoothly with components and flex sections in Easyweb.

API connection

Use the API to work with your favorite framework.

Image sizing

Use thumbnails to limit image size and speed up your site

Alba framework

Our own framework optimized for Easyweb and .NET.

Simplify SEO

Smooth overview over metadata

Youtube tutorials

Step-by-step guides in video format.

Minimalistic interface

Flexible and minimalistic interface to enhance your creativity

Optimize page speed

Gain control over page speed by optimizing your own code. No more bloated code!

Handle cookies

Simple handling of cookies in a smooth and simple way.

Social media

Integrate your social media flows on your website

Light weight

Light weight start template to give you a smooth start.

Web Developer:

Let's Bring Back the Joy in Web Development!

We’re on a mission to help developers to bring back the fun in web development. Let’s bring back the days of magic, adventurous exploration and creative flow.

Seamlessly connect your frontend with our dynamic API.

Craft custom administrative controls for your users.

Evolve, collaborate, and optimise effortlessly.

Create stunning designs and add content with ease.


Loved by users 🧡

"EasyWeb has completely transformed our content management process. Its headless architecture allows us to manage content centrally while delivering it seamlessly across various platforms. With EasyWeb, we can easily integrate our content with our website, mobile app, and other digital channels, providing a consistent experience for our users."

Fredrik Anjou



"Easyweb is a fantastic, easy-to-use, and incredibly sleek web tool that perfectly suits our organization! This platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and enhances our operational efficiency. Its aesthetic design not only appeals to the eye but also provides a smooth user experience that aligns with our branding and professional standards."

Niclas Ericsson

The Wine & Spirits Collective


"The Easyweb platform is both stylish and easy for me as a user to manage. Updates to the CSMS website can easily be done from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. And should I need help with anything, Easyweb's support is excellent. They are always quick to find a solution and happy to assist. It feels secure for me as a customer. 5 stars!"

Peter Tillberg



Help and support from our community

Thriving discord community

Templates on GitHub

Solid documentation

Transform your idea into a custom digital solution in just a few simple steps



Create your website

Fast website setup on Easyweb



Download template

A .NET template created to simplify your life as a developer



Start creating!

Explore the possibilities of easyweb-development

Discover companies utilizing Easyweb for their online presence


Try Easyweb today

Pay once and use forever

Normally: $1026/year

Today: 1-time payment of $154

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a content management system that focuses solely on managing and delivering structured content, without being tied to a specific front-end presentation layer. Unlike traditional CMS platforms, it separates content creation from content presentation.

How does a headless CMS differ from traditional CMS platforms?

In traditional CMS platforms, the content management system is tightly integrated with the front-end presentation layer. In contrast, a headless CMS provides content via an API, allowing developers to use any front-end technology or platform to display the content.

What is Easyweb Headless CMS?

Easyweb is a minimalistic headless content management system designed for creating custom websites, shops, applications, and digital projects. It emphasizes ease of use and seamless content editing.

What type of customer support does Easyweb provide?

Easyweb provides online support for its users, facilitating a quick resolution to any issues encountered. There is also a discord community, always ready to answer your questions!

What are the key features of Easyweb Headless CMS?

Key features include a WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop editor, multi-language support, version control, and access control, among others.

Is Easyweb suitable for developers?

Easyweb is developer-friendly, offering powerful API tools and clear documentation to support custom development.

How does Easyweb ensure the security of my data?

Easyweb includes features like secure cloud storage and backup options to ensure data integrity and security.

Where can I find documentation for Easyweb?

Documentation for Easyweb is available on our website and includes detailed guides and tutorials to help users maximize their use of the platform.

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